Moroccan Berber Rug #001

Moroccan Berber Rug #001



  • Vintage, one-of-a-kind design

  • Measurements: 53''H x 20''W (135cm x 52cm)

  • Materials: Organic Wool and Cotton

  • Handmade in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

  • Spot clean or professional cleaning recommended 

Handmade by women in the Azilal Province of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this one-of-a-kind , vintage rug will bring a pop of color and history into your space. The village women take pride in their designs by incorporating traditional Berber symbols into each handwoven rug. Each unique piece tells a different story and symbolizes life events, such as marriage, fertility,  new born, and death.

This piece in particular incorporates many shapes that symbolize femininity and women. Our hope is that this rug will bring beauty to any space that it adorns. Use as a floor runner or wall tapestry for an over-the-top textured look.

Shop vintage to shop sustainably.  Help cut down on textile waste and the 14 million tons of fabric that are wasted by Americans each year.  

Please note: Due to the handmade production of the rugs, some may have slight imperfections in the fabric.  This is not considered a defect and adds charm to each handwoven rug.

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