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Modern Bohemian Decor Tips

Hi lovies! 

I know you all love a good vintage piece, so I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Harpers Bazaar articles on bohemian decor and channeling your inner boho babe in your home.  This may not be a hot off the press piece, but I think it really lays down a good foundation for anyone no matter their design experience. 

Our favorite piece of advice we can emphasize is the use of  mixing and matching.  Just because two pieces have a 100 year old different in age doesn't mean they don't match well.  We can't say that about people, but with decor, we are confident ha! (just joking). Anyways, it is true, don't be afraid to try out a bohemian piece with a mid-century staple.  What is the worst you can lose?

Read the article here and happy homing! 

Ps. We want to see your designs!  Post your photos on Instagram and use hashtag #shopslo to share your inspo.


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