SHOP | SLO mission and vision

SHOP | SLO® is committed to slowing down the "fast fashion" industry by bringing sustainability to products and the planet.

What you Buy Matters.

SHOP | SLO® donates 10% of your purchase to support and educate the artisans of where the products were made.  Your purchase makes a positive social impact on many lives and communities.

SHOP | SLO social impact donations

shop slo vision

The SLO way.

Each product sold is carefully sourced and made with high quality materials around the globe.  Synthetic dyes and chemicals? Not up in here!  In fact, many of the products come from plant-based materials like cactus silk and vegetable dyes.

Exclusivity & Collections.

By working with specialized producers to create small batch collections, SHOP | SLO® is proud to offer its customers one-of-a-kind products.  Every product SHOP | SLO® sells is uniquely handcrafted, numbered by collection, and environmentally friendly.

SHOP | SLO sustainable products