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Founded to slow down the fast fashion and textile industries. Preserving our planet one pillow at a time.

Top products that don't harm the planet!

Top products that don't harm the planet!

We believe in the environment and protecting our planet. Here are our favorite products and brands that believe the same.


In the U.S. only 10% of donated clothes get resold.The rest floods landfills - we send 13 trillion tons of our clothes to landfills in the U.S. alone where they sit for 200 years leaving toxic chemicals and dyes to contaminate local soil and groundwater. 

So rethink about donating the old bag of clothes that have been sitting in your room for the last few seasons getting ready to go to Goodwill.  Instead, host a clothing swap with friends.  You'll keep our landfills clean, get a little girl time in, and hopefully get some new (free) threads from friends! 

xoxo Katie | Founder & Creator

1. Land of Nod

2. Reformation

3. Stella McCartney

4. Pura Vida Bracelets

5. The Stowe

6. Dr. Bronner

7. Last but not least, yours truly SHOP | SLO

We believe in giving back.  That's why you can feel good about your SHOP | SLO purchase.  For every product sold, we donate 10% back to the artisans and their communities through Whole Planet Foundation®.

With your donation, Whole Planet Foundation is able to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship.  The nonprofit’s mission is to empower the world’s poorest people with microcredit and the chance to create or expand a home-based business and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. 

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