Home Trends that won't Break your Budget!

With spring cleaning out of the way and a fresh space ready to show-off, it's time to turn-up the  decor! And don't worry, it's not going to cost you your next paycheck.

Turn-off the TV, silence your phone, and dig into the top decor trends of 2018 that you can welcome into your home.

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1. Bohemianism 

Defined as the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, boho decor is starting to find its way in our homes.  Lucky for you, if you are not channeling your inner vagabond and live a more traditional lifestyle, there are many versions of boho decor that you can make your own.  Whether it is bright colors or muted tones that speak your design language, boho-chic is not a one-size-fits-all. 

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Boho Queen, Kelli Collins (kelli_e_collins) likes the bright, bohemian vibes in her beautiful Florida home. Like Kelli's look? Shop it here.

shop slo bohemianism home

Alicia from my.burleigh.reno does a great job bringing out the costal boho vibes in her Queensland, Austrailian home.

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Angie May from our_happy_cabin turns up her bohemian barometer with unique textures and an earthy feel in her stunning Arizona cabin. Like Angie's look?  Shop it here.

2. Bring the Outdoors Inside 

I gave up my dream of being a stay-at-home plant mom many years ago.  But I am so excited that this trend is coming back and people are starting to open up their homes to our green friends.  Based on your geographic location, lifestyle, and amount of natural-light you get in your space , you will want to do some research on the best type of foliage to welcome into your home.

If you live in a dry climate like myself, you will be happy to know that house plants help release humidity into the air and purify.  Some other benefits of house plants are that they improve your health, make it easier to breath by releasing carbon dioxide into the air, and they are pretty to look at!


3.  Take a Seat 

Seating can make or break a room.  think about it, when was the last time you were sitting in an uncomfortable chair and wanted nothing more than to get up and leave?  when it comes to investing in key pieces for the home, seating is the way to go.  

I'm currently crushing on cushions.  They are the perfect addition to any room.  You can use them on the floor as extra seating, throw them on a chair that needs an cushion,  and they are pet friendly.  I love how Mallory from reserve_home is using hers as a seating cushion in her swinging chair.  Katie Mack from Katiemackmusic certainly knows how to style a room around a statement chair.  check out her swinging chair in her beautiful boho hideaway.

Here are a few of my favorite chairs and seating options at the moment.

Like these looks? Shop more seating and floor cushions here.


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