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Katie Mack x SHOP | SLO talk Design, Instagram + Bohemian Homes.

SHOP | SLO sat down with LA songwriter, stylist, and self-proclaimed plant enthusiast, Katie Mack (@katiemackmusic) to talk tunes, where she finds her inspiration, and her crush-worthy bohemian home.

SHOP | SLO: Songwriter, stylist, and plant enthusiast? Sounds like you've got your hands busy.  How do you balance everything without driving yourself crazy? 

Katie: Songwriter, stylist, plant enthusiast, mom, wife, friend, General Manager of a large restaurant and a social life!  Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve for sure! I try my best to make sure that I'm really detailed with my time management.  I wake up early and go to bed late and pack in as much as I can into each day!  I spend as much quality time with Sebastian, my Son, as I possibly can because he's my priority.  My husband and I both work a lot so we make as much time in each week as we can too, whether it be a lunch date or just Netflix and chill. As far as Instagram is concerned, I try to take as many shots as possible in one day and I usually plan out my whole week of posts.  I set up my posts the night before and save them in my drafts so I can just post in the AM.  I definitely make time to recharge in nature as often as possible.  That always centers and grounds me.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Katie!

SHOP| SLO: Where is your home away from home?

Katie: Palm Springs is definitely my favorite getaway!  I haven't been back in awhile.  I just feel so peaceful in the desert.  There is a calm feeling that washes over me unlike anywhere else I've ever been.  My husband and I honeymooned in Palm Springs and would like to retire there someday.  

I've never been, but PS has been on my bucket-list for awhile.  Now I definitely need to go!

SHOP| SLO: Who are your top 3 "ones to follow" on Instagram?

Katie: ANOTHER hard question.  Do I have to pick three? How about 5?

Although I could list names of talented designers for days!  There are so many unique and creative styles and I have found the most fantastic community of friends who inspire me daily!  

Kelli has such a beautiful tropical, beachy, colorful and happy home. 

Steve's style is so eclectic and cool and he thrifts some of the best pieces! 

Arianna is just the coolest Mountain Mama and a HUGE source of inspiration for me.  She's also the person I'd most like to swap houses with. 

Anita has an Earthy sophistication that is sleek and modern paired with some of the gorgeous vintage rugs I've ever seen!  She was named Domino's best blog and has an incredible eye for design. 

Mallory's home is so romantic, airy and beautiful and she has some gorgeous textiles and killer furniture throughout! 

SHOP | SLO: What is your advice to new homeowners or someone looking to redecorate?

Katie: I would say take your time in figuring out what you love and in creating your aesthetic and only buy pieces you LOVE.  If you aren't sure about it and it doesn't make your heart sing?  Don't buy it!  Stay true to what YOU like and don't just follow trends. Thrift shopping is a great way to find unique and inexpensive pieces that can completely transform your home, especially art.  Plants really breath life and color into a space and they make me so happy!  

SHOP | SLO: Where do you find your inspiration?

Katie: The IG accounts that I tagged above are all huge sources of inspiration for me as well as so many other awesome feeds that I follow.  I also really trust my intuition and go with my gut.  I go thrift shopping about three times a week and when I find a piece I love, I don't hesitate!  One piece can inspire a whole room and I figure out how to style or re-purpose it later.  I find ways to pair things together that I love.  That may be unconventional, but I think they all work pretty well. I'm also always inspired by my local nursery and plant patterns.  Sometimes they dictate my decor also! 

SHOP | SLO: Last but not least, what is your favorite SHOP | SLO product at the moment?

Katie: So many hard questions here!  I love SO many pieces right now!  I guess if I have to choose, I'm mainly digging the cactus silk pillows and their patterns!  Cactus silk has the coolest textures, and these pillows are such an effortless way to add style to your space! 

I can agree with that, Katie!  Thank you for all of your tips, tricks, and style inspo. 

To see more of Katie's home, follow her on Instagram here

Kelli Collins x SHOP | SLO collab.

Kelli Collins x SHOP | SLO collab.

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