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Kelli Collins x SHOP | SLO collab.

Kelli Collins x SHOP | SLO collab.

Katie from SHOP | SLO sits down with boho bungalow babe, Kelli Collins (@kelli_e_collins) to chat about her recent Apartment Therapy feature, bold colors, and how to layer in tropical vibes to your own home.

Katie: Congrats on your recent Apartment Therapy feature, what a big deal! It looked great and I enjoyed reading it.  Can you tell me a little bit about how they found you and how excited you were when you found out?!

Kelli: Thank you! I was so stoked to be featured on their website! We exchanged a few Q&A emails with pictures, but I was not sure when they would post the feature. I actually found out that it was live from a friend who messaged me and told me that she enjoyed the article! Ha! I am honored to be on their website!

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: As a former South Florida resident, I can truly say I miss the tropical vibes and sunshine state.  If you lived in another state, say Utah, do you think your decor style would change or are you a boho bungalow babe for life?

Kelli: oh I have..and will ALWAYS be a beach bungalow babe for life! I grew up in Arizona & would hop on over to SoCal every single time that I had the opportunity to do so :) I’ve lived in a few different Hawaiian Islands, Key West, Southern California and now here on the Space Coast. Every region has influenced my decor today but my heart has always belonged to the tropics! 

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: What is your favorite room in your home?

Kelli: My favorite room is my kitchen and dining area. We love to cook and sit around the table- talking, laughing, dancing, listening to music. It’s definitely my happy place! We sit at our dining room table every single night for about an hour. I decorated it from memories of my great grandmothers kitchen down in Mexico. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: When did you start your Instagram?

Kelli: It was a personal Instagram at first but I switched over to decor after a good friend encouraged me to make the hop on over to the world of decor. I started posting decor around March 2017. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: What is the last thing you purchased for your home that you can’t stop crushing on.

Kelli: Ahhh, oh well, that would definitely be the tropical wallpaper and makeover for Mallory’s room! I am obsessed! It reminds me of the film, Where the Wild Things Are. It’s been so much fun to play around with! 

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: What are some trends in decor right now that you are loving?

Kelli: I’m definitely loving all the wallpaper that I’m seeing up in the homes on Instagram. I think it’s such a fun way to shift a space and there are so many options right now! It’s summertime at the moment so I see a lot of people embracing the tropical elements and those are my FAV! 

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: Where is your home away from home?

Kelli: Honestly -home away from home for me is the Florida Keys. I love the vibrant colors, the eclectic people, the energy of the city & the beautiful scenery. I would move back down there in a heartbeat. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------Katie: Who are your top 3 "ones to follow" on Instagram?


1. katiemackmusic

2. anitayokota

3. ariannaDanielson

4. spencer monk

All three are so very amazing at how they put things together. 3 very different homes, but they all have a wonderful eye for style!

I can agree with that, Kelli!  Thank you for all of your tips, tricks, and style inspo. 

To see more of Kelli's home and other #stellarspaces, follow the photos here.

Chasity (@raddatattchazz) x SHOP | SLO collab.

Chasity (@raddatattchazz) x SHOP | SLO collab.

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