Vintage Moroccan Floor Cushion

Vintage Moroccan Floor Cushion


Handmade with Moroccan cactus silk, a.k.a. agave cactus, these cushions bring a modern worldly vibe to any space. The nomadic Moroccan women who wove these believed that the designs would ward off evil spirits.  Designers incorporated elements and lucky charms to bring luck and prosperity to its owner. Use as a daily meditation cushion or pair with a statement chair for a one of a kind ottoman.  Don’t forget your furry friends - they make excellent pet beds.


  • Measurements: 23.5" x 23.5" x 8" (60cm x 60cm x 20cm)

  • Materials: Cactus silk

  • One of a kind design - no two alike.

  • Zippered bottom

  • Linen canvas bottom

  • Delivered unstuffed

  • Handmade in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

  • Dry clean or spot clean only

Shop vintage to shop sustainably.  Help cut down on textile waste and the 14 million tons of fabric that are wasted by Americans each year.  Stuff cushions with pillows, old clothes, newspaper, or plastic grocery bags.  

Please note: Due to the handmade production of these cushions, some may have slight imperfections in the fabric.  This is not considered a defect and adds charm to each handcrafted piece.

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Goods that do Good.

A portion of sales is donated to Whole Planet Foundation to fund microcredit (small loans) in Morocco and around the globe.

Pillows from Plants?

Want to know the skinny on this environmentally friendly silk?  Moroccans have been using this traditional process for centuries. After being hand-picked, the spiky leaves of the cactus are harvested, hammered, and then soaked to release fibers.  The fibers are then handspun to create the thread, and vibrant dyed colors sourced from vegetables and plant-based pigment.  Cactus silk is combined with camel wool and handwoven by Moroccan artisans to bring sustainability and style into your home.

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